A Sprawling Wall-Sized Mural Drawn With Only a Black Sharpie by Sean Sullivan

After 7 long months of obsessively scribbling away on a large wall, artist Sean Sullivan “threw in the towel,” in part because he had exceeded his allotted time period by 4 months! 

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A mouth-watering fuck-ton of gun references.


Before you draw any gun, be absolutely certain you are familiar with the parts of a gun. That sounds cliché and dumb, but if you end up wondering “Why does this thing look so shitty?” it’s probably ‘cause you don’t know how a gun works. Know how it moves and what fits in where. And please know where the hands are placed when firing!!! If you hold a gun at the wrong place, you can lose a finger! Also know where the head will be positioned. The person will be looking down the barrel to line up the sights (the two protruding thingies at the top that help you pinpoint your target). Don’t know enough about guns, let alone what type to utilize? Here:

World Guns. Thought it was kinda funny. Sweet list though. wmm Varmint never works Fishgun HAHAHAHA OPERATOR HUM! FUTURE gangsta ham heats 1911 snake‘? snaake!

[And of course, disclaimer: I’m not racist or biased because of “kraut” and “kike”; I find slurs humourous, which is why I don’t get offended when people call me “faggot” or “jap.” So cool your tits please and try to see the funny side for once.]

And if you’re uber pro on guns, here’s an orgasmic list:

AND if you wanna get a little creative:


I’m always a fan of the minigun………

Sourced by Frenchy-lu: (img 2;6;7;8) (img 3 to 5)

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Job Classes part 1 - from the FFXIV art book.

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Job Classes part 2 - from the FFXIV art book.

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Tatsuyuki Tanaka - Linda Cube Illustrations

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Akihiko Yoshida

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From the artbook The Art of Kiki’s Delivery Service, Studio Ghibli (1989), written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki.

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バーチャルボーイ通信 平成7年8月1日発行

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Art of Vitaly Bulgarov
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